Hi. I'm Dennis

and this is a Showcase for some of my work,
most of it is free (as in beer) so feel free to check it out.




A couple of Programs and .Net User Controls to use in your Productions and Tools.


Font Viewer UI

Font Viewer

- is a great helper if you like to review large font collection without the need to install all fonts. Just select a local folder or a network share and customize the preview as you see fit.

➤ Download (0.1 MB)

Timecode Burner UI

Timecode Burner

- is a very easy to use tool to combine many different videos into a single file and burn an optional continuous timecode on top. The ideal tool for non video professionals preparing clips for recording sessions or similar mastering steps.

➤ Download (30 MB)

IES-Manager UI


- is a cleaning and managing application to remove many of the common errors found in IES Light Profile files from the web. It can also rename files based on the data in the files and also supports rendering reference images.

➤ Download (0.1 MB)

Color Picker UI

Color Picker

- is an advanced User Control supporting 8, 16 and 32 bit, RGB, CMYK, HSB, Alpha and much more.

➤ Download (26 MB)

Power Controls UI

Power Controls

- are a collection of simple tools to trigger windows power states. With a single click you can turn off your monitors, lock your system, logout, restart and more.

➤ Download (0.1 MB)

Task Dialog UI

Task Dialog

- is a OS Independent version of the Task Dialogs introduced in Windows 7 to use consistently in all your programs.

➤ Download (0.1 MB)

Unreal Autohaus

Realistic Rendering in Unreal Engine 4 is all around us but while most demos evolve around Apartments or Lofts this German Autohaus takes a more industrial focused approach. Beautiful Cars in a modern and minimalist environment, enjoy the tour.


Download Coming Soon...


A small collection of After Effects Plugins to streamline your Production.


Shutter Control UI

Shutter Control

- allows you to adjust composition shutter settings without the need to open and close the composition settings over and over again.

➤ Download (0.1 MB)

Interpreter UI


- is missing from After Effects since the beginning. It allows you to select several items in you project and change the interpretation settings for all of them at once.

➤ Download (0.1 MB)

Property Finder UI

Property Finder

- is the ideal tool for developers to easily find the script or expression path to a specific property inside of After Effects.

➤ Download (0.1 MB)

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